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We have tried to post all possible queris you may have in mind.
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Shopved is a platform which offers E-Commerce solution and sales support. Due to low cost investment and no upfront cost for online promotion, we offer easy pathway to kickstart your own sales channel without affecting your existing model or sales.
Well, you can contact our E-Commerce Consultant to know more about Shopved platform and plans. Once you pay for initial security deposite, our team will help you onboading and further process. After onboarding process, our team will start working on promotion and order generation strategies.
That depends upon your catalog size. On an average, a store is setup between 8-10 days of sign up, including website, cataloging, payment gateway etc.
This is where we support. We to agree, you only concentrate on your business where you have expertise. Let us do all side work for you.
You must understand, website need to be SEO friendly, good performance and easy to use platform for order generation. Small glitches in website may loose customer. We have worked hard to create such platform where customer can shop without changing his mind.
Yes, we can use domain registered by you .
Hosting performance is one of the factor for smooth online store. We offer high performance server to provide smooth and good shopping experience to your customers. We do not charge anything extra for this, we will be providing hosting free with packages.
We have negotiated with payment gateway company for best industry pricing where you do not need to pay any upfront fees or yearly AMC. There will be direct agreement between you and payment gateway company.
We do not offer any guareente or commitment for business. This all depend on your product and pricing structure . That is the reason we do not charge monthly for online promotion like other SEO companies. Our team will work on sales generation startegies and will keep you updated with all recommendations that are required to improve sales. We will do online promotion and will charge referral fee on each sales made through our platform. This would be always WIN strategy for you as you have to pay when you get sale otherwise no charges.
This is just a token amount we keep for smooth transactions and shopper's satisfaction. This security money is safe with us and refunded once you cancel the account. This money will also work towards adjustment if shopper complain against any order and won dispute between you and shopper.
We do not only provide E-Commerce website like other SAAS providers and also like other SEO companies we do not charge monthly charges for SEO or online promotion. We provide turnkey solution for sellers to create their own sales channel without big investment.
No, currently we do not support this requirement, we would announce once we launch this feature on our platform.
Yes, as of now we do not provide shipping solution. You need to use your own logistic management. We would announce once we start providing logistic support, that will definetly help as a low cost delivery partner. You need to make sure order should be delivered to customer within 10-12 days (maximum) of order generation. After this, customer would be eligible for full refund, order cancellation by customer or auto-cancellation.
As of now we do not support such requirement but we are working hard to create POS solution as well. We would announce once we launch this feature.
All sale done through our E-Commerce websites are protected under Shopved Order Protection program. That mean, your payment will be on hold at payment gateway for 20 days. This program helps in improving your online sales. Buyers know that they will receive exactly the goods they expect before the payment is made to the seller.
Without payment gateway your customers would not be able to pay online. If you do not want to use payment gateway but want website, your E-Commerce website will be converted to product catalogue. Where you will be able to list and display all your products.
Initial deposit varies based on product price and category. Generally, this is Rs. 10,000 or 10 times of maxium product value you will list on website, whichever is higher.
Refund can be requested within 15 days or before payment gateway agreement whichever is earlier. After that, account setup fees is non-refundable. Security amount will be refunded with below cases:
  1. No order generated: 100% refund.
  2. Order generated: refund 100% after deducting any amount payable to shoppers or us (if any).
No interest will be paid on amount.

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