Selling With Us Easy

We create profit-driven online strategies that help you to improve your online sales.

Step 1:

eCommerce Website Development

We create well optimized and SEO friendly eCommerce website for you.

Step 2:

Promotion and Sales Effort

Shopved team implement all strategies that required to generate order for you.

Step 3:

Order Generation

Customer order from your website directly to you.

Step 4:

Payment Collection

Customer pay directly to you. Your payment is safe with Payment gateway.

Step 5:

Order Dispatch

Your need to pack the item safely and ship through your prefered courier/shipping company.

Step 6:

Delivery Confirmation

Follow with your courier/shipping company and let us know as soon as order delivered successfully.

Step 7:

Payment Release and Our Referral Fee

After T + 20 days, payment gateway split our Referral Fee and your share. Both would be released directly from payment gateway in respective accounts. T is transaction date when shopper paid online.

Referral Fee

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