Want to increase your online presence and sales?

Let us create a profit-driven online strategies that help you to improve your online sales.

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We charge Referral Fee on each successful sale.

Why Shopved?

Expand your online presence, plan your business growth and manage your customer's satisfaction. Let SHOPVED managed your online sales. Offering complete ecommerce ecosystem that designed to make a difference.

Don't Have eCommerce Website?


We provide full featured eCommerce website too. Launch your unique online store with complete ecommerce services and features.
Impress your customers with a professional store.

  • Online Store

    The best shopping cart makes it easy to add or remove products, and go back to the store to make changes or purchase something new.

  • Mobile Ready (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop)

    Your customer gets the optimal experience regardless of whether she chooses to shop from smartphone or tablet.

  • Catalog Organisation

    Organise products in your catalog by different categories and sub-categories to suit your business needs.

  • Unlimited Product Listing

    List as many products as your wish to create compregensive catalog on your online store. There is no restrictions and no additional charges.

  • Customer Management

    Get full access to customer's detail. Understand and organize your future promotions and increase your online sales.

  • Payment Gateway (Free)

    Enable your customer to pay online using Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking. Get Payment Gatwaye FREE with all packages.

  • Custom Domain Name (FREE)

    Get personalized domain for your online store like www.YourBusinessName.com .com/.net/.in/.co.in at no cost.

  • Online Hosting (FREE)

    Take the stress out of hosting your online store, all packages include web hosting at no cost.

What Makes Us Different

We do not charges for SEO and Internet marketing solutions instead work hand to hand with you to generate new orders everyday.

Let your products seen by customers at the moment they're searching for the products you offer.

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